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August Report

Updated: Aug 19

Hello from Kentucky lake!

I hope this report finds everyone doing well.

I thought I would take the time to let everyone know what’s been happening on the water since my last report. Summertime is here! We have had some really hot days with southwest breezes, and we have had nice days with Northeast winds. Regardless of the temperature or wind direction, the fishing has been pretty dang good.

Days that they generate a lot of current, have had the white bass ready to bite. The days of low current flow, can make a man scratch his head as to where they all went. On these days, I swap over to looking for yellow bass. Although smaller than white bass, these fish fight just as hard or harder for their size. Add in the fact that you are using light tackle, and you have a recipe for fun!

I will continue to be fishing for whites and yellows through fall. These fish provide me the best opportunity to give folks the most bang for their buck. These fish can generally be found in numbers making for plenty of fillets for the freezer. If this sounds good to you, then just give me a call or text. I will be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. I have plenty of open dates so book your trip today.



I want to say thank you to all the people who have fished with me in the past, I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you as well to those who like and share my page.

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