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Fall Fishing

Hello from Kentucky lake!

The hot summer temperatures have subsided, and cooler temps have arrived, signaling the start of fall. This is a welcome change for me, as I don’t care for the blistering temps. However, the changing of seasons, seems to have all of God's creatures bustling to get things in order before old man winter arrives. Being a duck hunter, I hope we get a good cold winter to bring lots of ducks from the north!

Now onto the fishing. With water levels almost reaching winter pool, I want to remind everyone to stay between the buoys when navigating. This time of year it is easy to find the underwater gremlins that can ruin your outing. Just because it looks like there is plenty of water in places, that isn’t always the case, especially on Barkley. So take your time and pay attention to avoid problems the next time you’re out.

I have still been fishing for yellow and white bass. These fish are what I feel I have the best chance of catching. Generally, these fish are ready to bite, and can be found in numbers, allowing for lots of tugs on the line. For those who haven’t fished for yellow bass, you’re in for a treat. These bluegill size fish are ferocious fighters, and test the limits of the light tackle used to catch them. Not to mention that they are some of the tastiest eating fish in the lake. Now these fish aren’t always in one spot, so we have to move around and see what we pick up. I have been blessed this year to manage nice messes when I’ve had customers. Now each day isn't lights out, but I have managed to catch them fairly consistently. You don’t ever know until you go and you can’t catch them on the couch! So if this is the kind of fishing that sounds good to you, just give me a call or text. I will do my best to show you a good time. If this kind of fishing is not what you’re looking for, I will be happy to point you in the right direction of a different guide to suit your needs. I just want you to have a good time when you are here. I have several available dates left if anyone is interested.

Thanks to everyone who has fished with me this year and in the past. Thank you as well, to those that like and follow my page. Thanks for your time

Tight lines

Eric Ashley LLGS


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