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Springtime Fishing

Hello from Kentucky lake! I thought it would be more fruitful to sit down, and write a report today, as battle the cool temps and 10 to 20 mph north east winds. Yesterday‘s weather wasn’t much better, with howling winds as well. Several inches of rain in the past few days won’t help the fishing conditions much either, but it is what it is. I am sure our lakes will feel the effects of this rain, as discharge water rates at the dam continue to increase. Hopefully, we can get back to more stable weather and fewer water fluctuations. This will only help the fish and the spawn as we start to get fish moving into the shallows.

I have managed to get out several times to look for what may be biting. I spent several hours on different days looking for crappie with mixed results. Crappie fishing continues to be tough out of my boat. I am not gonna say they aren’t out there, but I am going to say you don’t see schools of fish around structure. However it is good to be able to see a fish on your down scan when you go across a brush pile. It is even better when you can catch a fish off that pile! Not every pile I found was holding fish. That being said, one has to move to find the brush piles holding the fish. Another positive I have seen this year, is several different classes of short fish. These fish have been aggressive, and some should make keeper fish by fall. We will just have to wait and see what the warm weather brings us, and hope that the fishing will be better than it’s been in the past.

When the crappie bite got slow, I headed out in search of yellow and white bass. These fish have proven to provide the fastest action for me so far. With water levels and current levels constantly changing these fish are always moving. However when found, they are usually in numbers, and provide a lot of bang for the buck with fast action, and repetitive bites. If you have never fished for these ferocious fighters, you have been missing out! What these fish lack in size, they make up for with attitude. These fish test the limits of light tackle And are some of the tastiest fish in the lake. If you like action and great table fare , these fish are hard to beat.

Pretty spring weather will be here before you know it. Now is the time to book your trip for 2021. I have several open dates. Until my next report, I will be out looking for something to bite my line. As always, I will be targeting the most productive species at the time. I can customize trips for anyone who is interested, including groups. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for my most recent pictures, and don’t forget to like and share while you are there. You can also visit my website at to learn of the services I provide.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If I can’t provide what you were looking for, I will be happy to point you in the right direction. I just want you to have a good time while you are at our Lakes area.

Give me a call or text today and I will do my best to show you a good time!

270-816-3102 Captain Eric Ashley LLGS

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