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Summer is Here!

Hello from Kentucky lake. It was not so long ago, when everyone was wishing for warm weather to get here. As best as I can tell, everyone’s wishes have been granted. Being a large fellow, I tend to melt like lard in a skillet on these hot, muggy days. I generally try to beat the heat with early starts, so as to be back to the dock before things get too unbearable outside. That doesn’t mean it isn’t hot. It just means it’s more bearable. Everyone who lives around here knows that July and August can be tough with the Hot humid air. If you do go out, make sure to take your sunscreen and drink plenty of water. For any other fishing needs, stop by Sportsmans Bait, Tackle and Marine Repair. Brad and his people are the best in the business. I promise you that they will do their best to help you with whatever you may need. Now on to the report.

I have been fishing for yellow and white bass, but I am an opportunist, so I will take anything that will bite my line. I have generally had some catfish and a few bluegill as a bonus . I have even managed a few red ear. Fishing has been day to day depending on current flow. Even with the annual draw down, current hasn’t always been present when I have been out to fish. This doesn’t mean that you do not catch on days of low flow, it just means that you will earn every fish you catch. When we have had current flow, fish have been generally easier to find. Notice I said easier, and not easy. These fish have had no pattern. They have had a here today, gone tomorrow mentality. With so much bait in the lake, they can roam almost anywhere. This makes you put the pieces of the puzzle together everyday.  Some days I do it more successfully than others. I will continue to fish, so I can stay on top of the daily fish movements. It is the only way I know to stay current with what’s going on. Hot weather doesn’t necessarily mean poor fishing,  so if anyone is interested in getting on the water just give me a call or text. I will do my best to show you a good time.

Thank for your time!

Eric Ashley

LLGS 270-816-3102

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