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Summertime Fishing Report

Hello from Kentucky lake.

I hope this report finds everyone doing well. Between the virus and the riots, the world is a crazy place these days. One can only hope that we can come together as a nation, and get this country back on track. If we don’t, we may all be in trouble soon! Now enough with what’s happening in the world,let’s talk fishing.

This spring has been one for the books. When I say that, I mean that you never knew what you would get. The Crappie fishing on the north end was not very good again. Things were even slow this year on the famed Jonathan Creek. Although good catches were made more regularly at Jonathan Creek as opposed to up north, it was still way down compared to previous years. This left many crappie anglers trying to seek revenge on the bluegill and redear. As anglers took off with a vengeance, they quickly found out that they were tough to find as well. Myself, along with several other guides as well as good fisherman I trust, had trouble locating beds this spring. Places where they have been in years past held nothing, or sometimes only a small bed. I even tried looking for beds in the shallowest of water.I didn’t find many more up there either. I know the cold front a week we had for what seems like forever, did not help, but evidence of bedding activity should have been seen. Those that did find beds, more often than not, found that they didn’t hold any fish. To me this is a concern. I am no rocket scientist but, if there aren’t many beds and when you found one there arent fish on it, it doesn’t seem to me to be the equation for success. Factor in people finding the fish with today’s electronIcs and sitting on the sweet spot for hours emptying the bed and you can start to see why fishing has gotten tough.

As far as catfishing goes,they seem to be the best bite on the lakes right now. I haven’t fished for catfish exclusively, but I have been picking up several daily while in pursuit of white and yellow bass. A couple of fellow guides I know have been putting a whooping on them most every time out.

Summertime is here and hot temps are coming. We can only hope it sets the white and yellow bass where they need to be. I have been catching them sporadically when conditions have been favorable. I hope the fish show up in Numbers and stay in their summer haunts for a while. Although I’ve had some good catches, I’m having to move a lot to come up with my fish. I am hoping things get more consistent soon. Like myself, these fish have to be tired of the constant changing conditions. Once we get in a good summertime pattern things should pick up, especially With all the new fry in the lake.

For anyone wanting to come to the area and fish, come on! Kentucky and Barkley lakes have fish in them to be caught. It’s just not like it was a decade ago when you were catching instead of fishing. You have to put the work in to find them, and once you do you can still catch them.

If anyone is interested in getting on the water just give me a call or text. I can’t promise the catching, but I will do my best to show you a good time. I will be honest with you, and if I can’t fulfill your wishes, I will be happy to point you in the right direction. Regardless of who you choose to fish with, I want you to have a good time at our lakes. If you’re in the area want to bank fish and need bait or tackle, please check out Sportsman's Bait,Tackle, and Marine repair for all of your needs. These guys are first class and go above and beyond to help you with anything you need.

If you would like to see pics go to and don’t forget to like and share us on Instagram and Facebook

LLGS 270-816-3102

Thanks for your time!

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