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It’s that time again!

I have finished cleaning and putting up decoys. Duck season is now behind me. Although it was tough, I still managed to get on some good hunts with some great people.I am already daydreaming about cupped wings next fall. That being said, the last couple of warm days has turned my attention to the new fishing season.

Rain, rain, rain, just like last year, we have had nothing but torrential rain. The floodgates have been opened to control the water as best As they can. At the time of this writing, there are 22 gates open,and the current flow through the lake is strong. Even though spring weather is tough to predict, one could hope we can get some good consistent weather, without record rainfall to set our lakes into a normal pattern.

With the weather turning warmer, I know more and more people are going to be hitting the water. Please take a little time to check out your boat and trailer and perform any maintenance before you go. This is not only going to make your time on the water more fun,it just might save your life. If you find you are in need of marine repair, or just want someone to go through your boat to check everything, go see Brad Culp at Sportsmans Bait, Tackle, and Marine Repair. I promise he will take good care of you.

Lucky Lady Guide Service wants to send out prayers to those who have been affected by the recent tornadoes in Tennessee, and the tragedy at Pickwick lake. Keep those families in your thoughts as they try to move on. Thank you to all the countless volunteers who have helped with the search and rescues. You have no idea how much your work means to people. These tragedies are a sobering reminder of how fast life can change. They are however, GREAT reasons to give someone you love a hug, and let them know you care! I will be on the water again tomorrow, and hope to have some pics to show for it soon.

As always, thanks for your time Tight Lines LLGS

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